Monday, July 21, 2008

know about chess boxing rules

The chess boxing rules:

1.A chess boxing match starts at the chessboard. In this version of speed chess, each player has a total of 12 minutes in which to beat his opponent. During a player's turn, the clock is running. When he completes a move he stops his clock, and his opponent's clock starts ticking.

2.When the contestants have played four minutes of chess between them, the board game is suspended and they put on their gloves. The boxing is in three-minute rounds. After each boxing round, contestants have a one-minute rest before returning to the chessboard. The contest can last as long as five boxing rounds and six chess rounds.

3.If you knock your opponent out, the chess is over, too, and you win the match. If you beat your opponent at chess, then the boxing is over, and you win. In the case of a draw at the chessboard, the boxer with more points in the ring is declared the winner.