Monday, November 12, 2007

Brain power -Susan Polgar

Susan Polgar is profiled in Make Me a Genius on National Geographic Channel.
My Brilliant Brain is a three-part series offering a rich mix of fascinating experiments new to TV. The show, which airs on National Geographic Channel (Astro channel 553), features special effects photography and computer animations based on the latest brain scanning technology.

It examines three groups of genius who answer questions about human intelligence.

Do difference in gender, brain size and brain hemisphere dominance enable these remarkable individuals to excel so far beyond their peers? Or, can education and environment help fuel intelligence and enable anyone to become a prodigy, if given the opportunity?

It features extraordinary characters; scientists embarking on fantastic journeys into the hidden depths of the brain, and people with amazing abilities, whose brains we can learn from.

Woven through these elements, surfacing occasionally when it serves the narrative, are stories of ordinary families on an emotional journey that relates to the brain.

Using computer-generated images, brain scans and expert testimony, My Brilliant Brain unlocks some of the brain's biggest mysteries.

The first part, My Brilliant Brain: Born Genius (Nov 26, 9pm) introduces viewers to Marc Yu, an amazing seven-year-old classical concert pianist whose brain is specifically created for music.

At two years old, Yu taught himself how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano. One year later, he was tackling Beethoven. Yu also has perfect pitch – the ability to identify musical notes as easily as identifying colours – a skill that only one in 10,000 people can claim.

My Brilliant Brain: Make Me a Genius (Dec 3, 9pm) profiles Susan Polgar whose unique education early in childhood shapes a supreme ability to play chess, making her the world's first female chess grand master.

Delving deeper into the minds of savants, My Brilliant Brain: Accidental Genius (Dec 10, 9pm) shares the story of one man who suffered a serious brain injury that released a manic talent for painting that he had never known.

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