Friday, April 18, 2008

Chess Jokes: Who is Chess Addict

You know you are a chess addict if:

1. You bump into someone or something and say J'adoube.
2. Fantasizes of beating Mr Spock in 3-D chess.
3. Proudly display, 'Chessplayers make better mates' bumper sticker on your car.
4. Mate, mating positions, exposed bishops, and forking the queen have nothing to do with sex.
5. When you meet someone, your first question is, "What's your rating?"
6. You have fantasies of mating one of the Polgar sisters.
7. You have a crush on Irina Krush.
8. You have checkered underwear with "It's your move" on the front.
9. You spot the chessboard set up wrong in every movie with a chess scene.
10. You who know exactly what James Bond movie the above scene was taken from.
11. You have read all of this.