Monday, April 21, 2008

Chess News: Oscar's a chess wizard– at five!

CHESS, said the great Dutch grandmaster Hans Ree, is beautiful enough to waste your life on.
And at the ripe old age of five, it seems this little Calderdale boy is in full agreement.

Oscar Powell, of Charnock Close, Skircoat Green, Halifax, was taught the game by dad Richard just six months ago and since then he's hardly put down his pawns and rooks.

Now the All Saints Junior and Infant School pupil has shown such skill in an after-school league he has qualified for a Yorkshire wide tournament in Sheffield.

And if he wins, he will go on to compete in a northern final in Manchester followed by a possible national final.

Mr Powell said: "It's extraordinary. "We were on holiday in the Dominican Republic and there was a giant chess board.

"I showed Oscar and his brother Harry how to play and it just spiralled. He loved it.

"I can't beat him any more and neither can his granddad – and I'm not just saying that, he's a brilliant strategist, a natural."

The youngster will play other children aged between five and seven before possibly taking part in an open ages competition.

The tournament will be held on June 8.