Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Armenian men's and women's chess national teams have real chances to win a competitive place at the European team chess tournament in Iraklion town of Crete Island in Greece.

At the one but last round, 8th, the men's group met with the Azerbaijani team. The meeting ended in draw with a score of 2:2. After this meeting our national team with a team score of 12 and individual score of 19 is in the 2nd place with the Israeli representatives. The Russian team has got no defeats. The Armenian team will compete with the Israeli players today.

The women's group's results are even more impressive. Until the 8th round the competitor of the Armenian group was the national team of Poland that is the acting champion of Europe. Armenian women managed to win over the Polish group due to Lilit Mkrtchyan's victory. Three other Armenian women players played draw. After these games, our women group is in the third place with a team score of 12 and individual score of 19.

Practically, in this case as well, Russia has secured its place of a champion. They need one more score to earn in the final round. Our players will be the Georgian national team that is one score behind our team and is in the fourth place.