Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kiran Mohanty defeats Eesha Karavade

Kiran Monisha Mohanty pulled off an upset win over WGM Eesha Karavde while Swati Ghate beat Nisha Mohota to join Tania Sachdev and Dronavalli Harika in lead at the end of the 6th round of the 34th Women’s National A Chess Championship organised by Symbiosis Spa Chess School at Symbiosis Center for Health Care Campus, Range Hills Road, Kirkee, Pune.

Asian Individual Women’s Champion Tania and Asian Zonal Women’s Champion Harika probably showed mutual respect and employed the ‘draw with the best and beat the rest’ theory when they agreed to share the point after just 8 moves at the halfway stage of the tournament. But the same theory did not work for Pune’s WGM Eesha Karavade who after drawing her games against WGMs in the last three consecutive rounds lost to a lower seeded rival Kiran Mohanty. Mohanty has so far has had a very impressive run. She also beat WGM Swati Ghate in the third round. Today in a Spanish Anti-Marshal variation Eesha playing Black sacrificed a pawn which according to Mohanty was not the right thing to do. Kiran maneuvered her pieces to attacking positions and when the moment was right struck some deadly blows which left Eesha with no options but to resign. WGM Nisha Mohota blundered a pawn against Swati Ghate and after that Swati made no mistake to bring home the full point.

Padmini Rout erred from the White side of the Sicilian Rauzer variation against WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy. According to Aarthie Padmini’s 18th move Bd3 was not such a good try for advantage while her 21st move was a gross blunder. Aarthie sacrificed material and took great advantage of Padmini’s exposed King position to win a Queen and soon the game. WGM Mary Ann Gomes beat Sai Meera after both players made a lot of errors in mutual time trouble. WIM Soumya Swaminathan made good use of the opposite coloured Bishops position on the board to create undefendable mating threats and win the game against Nimmy George.

Pune’s Amruta Mokal drew with Ch. Divyashri while Anuprita Patil held Pon. Krithika to a draw.



Tania Sachdev 4.5 drew with Harika Dronavalli 4.5;
Nisha Mohota 3.5 lost to Swati Ghate 4.5;
Kiran Manisha Mohanty 4.5 beat Eesha Karavade 3.5;
Padmini Rout 3 lost to Ramaswamy Aarthie 4;
Mary Ann Gomes 4 beat Sai Meera Ravi 3;
Nimmy George 3 lost to Soumya Swaminathan 4;
Divyasri Ch 3 drew with Amruta Mokal 3;
Pon. Krithika 3 drew with Anuprita Patil 3;
Rucha Pujari 2.5 lost to P Priya 3.5;
S Nabeela Farheen 3 beat R Preethi 2;
M R Sangeetha 2 lost to S Harini 3;
Uthra P 2 drew with Dhyani Dave 2;
Savetha C H 1 lost to Swati Mohota 2;
S Athirai 2 beat Baisakhi Das 1